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Vernon Community Music School Foundation project

OPEN – My proposal to the Vernon Community Music School

Vernon Community Music School

Vernon Community Music School

The Vernon Community Music School needed a better foundation.
They hired engineer’s, received proposals from 2 contractors and began raising the $350k – $400k needed to lift the building and replace the entire basement foundation as per the contractor’s proposal and the engineer’s instructions.
Then I became involved and after my detailed evaluation of the 100+ yr old building, the existing foundation, determined the point loads, structural design & planning for the project and consultations with the engineer’s I use which are different from the ones the music school had already hired.
I then proposed a plan to the Vernon Community Music School board that was completely different from what the other contractors were proposing for upgrading the basement foundation.

This plan I proposed saved the Music School about $200k or more and it was my plan the Board later decided to use instead of the original proposed plan which they had already spent a lot of money for engineering and had begun a campaign to raise money.
But when the contract was awarded for this project I was not given a chance to compete against the other contractor, instead the original contractor was given my proposed plan and was then given the job.

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