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Are you building a new home in Vernon? Do you need Excavation? Vernon home builder Evans Construction can help. I am a full service General Contractor. While I do offer excavation services to Vernon and surrounding area I also offer the following:

  • Concrete, Retaining wall & Foundation repair and replacement
  • Above and below grade water problems
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Structural repair and upgrading
  • Framing and cribbing
  • ane more

Simply contact me to find out more about Excavation Vernon. I can help you assess your needs and provide a quote on the cost of performing your excavation job.

No matter what you need, my goal is to ensure that not only is your excavation project done correctly and on time, but adds value to your property. No Vernon excavation job is too big or too small.

Still not convinced? Let me give you more information about me:

I became a renovation contractor in 1990 and started Evans Construction in 1993. I specialize in the design and building of new homes and that includes the necessary excavation required to properly build a new home. Vernon has some very diverse soil. From sandy to firm. I understand this, which is why when I do an excavation job I make sure I choose the right equipment and only dig what is absolutely necessary to ensure that the job si completed on time and on budget.

Sure you could hire one firm to handle your Vernon excavation job, and then hire another to build your home. But why? Why hire different firms when I have the knowledge and experience to not only help you build your new home but also prepare the ground it will sit on? My excavation Vernon services are well known throughout Vernon.

For more information click here to contact me.